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Audit Conduct Complaints
General Complaints

Complaints about VAGO

The Auditor-General and VAGO provide products and services to Parliament and the public sector. In doing this, VAGO’s staff interact with the community and the public sector and from time to time, this contact can result in dissatisfaction and complaints about our staff, products and services.  VAGO’s management of complaints is guided by our Complaints Framework and is governed by legislation including the Audit Act 1994, the Victorian Inspectorate Act 2012 and the Protected Disclosures Act 2012.

Rights and responsibilities of complainants

You can expect to:

You are expected to:

Information to be included in the complaint

When making a complaint, please provide the following information:

Collection notice – Personal information

Follow this link for information on how we collect personal information including how you can access your personal information and our privacy policy on request.

We are collecting your personal information because you have made a complaint either about the conduct of an audit or a matter other than an audit. Your personal information will only be disclosed to staff investigating the complaint and will not be disclosed further without consent unless required by law. In order for us to consider and respond to your complaint, you must provide your contact details.

Different kinds of complaints

How to make a complaint and how we respond will depend on the type of complaint:


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