Complaints to the Victorian Inspectorate

The Victorian Inspectorate is a newly created oversight body in Victoria with the power to receive and investigate certain kinds of complaints about the Auditor-General or VAGO officers. You can complain to the Inspectorate about our performance of the following functions under our legislation:

  • coercive powers under Section 11 of the Audit Act 1994, such as compelling individuals to appear and provide information or be examined under oath
  • legal representation for people compelled to appear before the Auditor-General
  • advance notice of performance audits under Section 11D of the Audit Act 1994
  • procedural fairness during audits regarding age, language, mental impairment and legal representation under section 11E of the Audit Act 1994
  • use of individuals’ names or findings on an offence in our reports to Parliament under section 20(1) and section 20(3) of the Audit Act 1994.

You may still wish to direct your complaints to VAGO. However any complaints that VAGO receives about the conduct of our officers that relate to those sections of our legislation must be passed onto the Victorian Inspectorate.



Last updated on 15/03/2016