Freedom of Information

Section 20A of the Audit Act 1994 broadly precludes us from disclosing information we gather during an audit to a third party, other than reporting to Parliament.

Section 20B of the Audit Act 1994 limits the operation of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 to preclude third parties from accessing any audit-related information and documents we hold via a freedom of information request. If a request if made that is subject to this exemption the fee will be returned to the applicant.

To assist the public to exercise their right under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) to obtain access to information held by the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office, the following statements outline what the office does, how it acts, what information it holds and how to access the information.

Part II Information Statements:

Our administrative processes do come under the state’s freedom of information legislation. All requests for access to office information should be made by email to, or in writing to:

Freedom of Information
Victorian Auditor-General’s Office
Level 31, 35 Collins St
Melbourne Vic. 3000



Last updated on 30/05/2017