Managing the unauthorised disclosure of information

VAGO is committed to maintaining professional requirements of discretion and confidentiality including upholding the requirements of the Audit Act 1994 in relation to material received in confidence.

VAGO is also committed to the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

The unauthorised disclosure of information is treated very seriously. VAGO has an internal guideline, Managing the unauthorised disclosure of information, which provides guidance in the case of an unauthorised disclosure of information.

When there has been an unauthorised disclosure or it is suspected that such a disclosure has occurred, the
Deputy Auditor-General assesses the data and can authorise an investigation to occur. The investigation could be internal or external–involving Victoria Police if there are sufficient indications that a disclosure has occurred that may constitute a breach of either sections 12(2) or 20A of the Audit Act 1994. A penalty exists for breaching sections 12(2) or 20A of the Audit Act 1994.

Further action will vary depending on the type of disclosure, audit related or non-audit related, on whether the individual involved can be identified and on the intention behind the disclosure. Disciplinary action may include prosecution.



Last updated on 19/09/2016