History of the Victorian Auditor-General's Office

When the Colony of Victoria was proclaimed (1 July 1851), Charles Ebden was appointed to the Legislative Council as the first Auditor-General at an annual salary of $1 200. His role was to audit the costs, charges and expenses incurred in the collection, maintenance and receipt of revenue under the direction of the UK Parliament. The audit office staff of 1851 consisted of six people.

In 1857, the position of Auditor-General was replaced by a group of three Commissioners of Audit, under an Act of Parliament setting out the basis of public sector auditing. With Federation in 1901, and the creation of Victoria as a state, came a new Audit Act. The Act re-established the position of Auditor-General and emphasised his independence. The Act also confirmed the duties and responsibilities the Auditor-General was to perform on Parliament's behalf.

By the turn of the century, the office had 59 staff who audited over $200 million of government expenditure. Today, we have a staff of around 150, and we are responsible for auditing around $50 billion of government expenditure.

The people who have held the position of Auditor-General since 1851 are listed below:

Charles Hotson Ebden 1851  1852 Auditor-General
Hugh Culling Earley Childers 1852  1853 Auditor-General
Edward Grimes 1853 1857 Auditor-General
Charles Hunt Symonds 1857  1886 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
Francis Jones 1857  1885 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
Alfred Agg 1857  1886 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
T W Jackson 1885  1894 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
Alfred William Howitt 1895  1902 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
J W Fosberry 1887  1901 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
Arthur Moorah 1890 1902 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
T R Wilson 1894  1895 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
Charles Alfred Topp 1901  1902 One of 3 Commissioners of Audit
James Bagge 1902 Auditor-General
James Hamilton Reid 1902  1903 Auditor-General
Frederick Horatio Bruford 1903  1919 Auditor-General
John Alexander Norris 1919  1937 Auditor-General
Edward A Peverill 1938  1957 Auditor-General
Redvers William Gillard 1957  1965 Auditor-General
Arthur John Alliance Gardner 1965  1970 Auditor-General
Bruce Hamilton 1970  1977 Auditor-General
Brian Joseph Waldron 1977  1986 Auditor-General
Richard Humphry 1986  1988 Auditor-General
Chesleigh Antony Baragwanath   1988  1999 Auditor-General
Wayne Cameron 1999  2006 Auditor-General
Des Pearson 2006  2012 Auditor-General
John Doyle 2013  2015 Auditor-General 
Andrew Greaves 2016present Auditor-General

Biographical information on all Auditors-General listed upto Wayne Cameron can be found in the publication In the public interest 150 years of the Victorian Auditor-General's Office.