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Services for MPs

Photo of a VAGO director presenting in ParliamentMPs use our work in various ways—to support debate or passage of new legislation, to seek information and stimulate action.

Ways to engage with and access our work include:

  • Parliamentary briefings on reports—in a sitting week, current practice of the office is that on Wednesday at 1–2pm we hold a briefing on the reports we tabled that day. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the report. Lunch is provided. We invite all MPs via email a week before each briefing. If you are an MP, please also feel free to bring your staff.
  • Tabling eve briefings for Ministers—just before tabling each report, we offer a briefing to relevant Ministers on the audit.
  • One-on-one meetings—the Auditor-General is keen to meet with MPs to discuss audit and accountability issues, at your request. When the Auditor-General is not available, senior VAGO staff are available to attend.
  • Annual Plan briefing—a briefing session outlining the Auditor-General’s annual work program, with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss key issues.
  • Web presentations—we produce a short video briefing for each report outlining the key findings and conclusions. Click here for an example.
  • Media releases on reports—we issue a media release for each report outlining the key findings and the Auditor-General’s messages about the report. Click here to access our media page.
  • Assistance to Parliamentary Committees—we make submissions to committee inquiries, and on request provide evidence at public hearings.
  • Surveys—each year we invite all MPs to participate in our survey, seeking your feedback to help us better tailor our work and audits to your needs and priorities. Click here to see results of previous years surveys. If you are an MP, we strongly encourage you to participate.
  • Correspondence—we welcome correspondence from MPs on any matter. Click here for contact details.


Last updated on 9/09/2016