How VAGO supports the Auditor-General

The Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO) plays a key role in preserving the financial integrity of the state’s system of government.

The Auditor-General is supported by approximately 185 staff who plan and conduct audits, oversee the work undertaken by some contract audit service providers and prepare major reports for tabling by the Auditor-General in Parliament. While most staff are auditors with accounting or economics qualifications, many come from other professional disciplines, such as program evaluation, social sciences and finance, which are necessary to carry out a broad range of duties associated with planning, conducting and managing performance and other audits.

Photo of the VAGO reception
VAGO reception

VAGO is structured under six business areas:

  • Performance Audit
  • Financial Audit
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Standards and Quality
  • Governance, Legal and Strategy
  • Audit Support Group.

Each area's activities are guided by a business plan that identifies the areas of public activity requiring our attention. The plan provides a framework against which VAGO can progressively monitor and measure the achievement of its objectives.


Last updated on 1/12/2014