Victoria’s Integrity System – Where can you go to get help?

New requirements for information sharing between the key independent integrity bodies means they now operate more effectively as a system. The Victorian Auditor-General’s Office is one of these bodies, responsible for holding government to account, however, each body has different responsibilities which protect integrity in the Victorian public sector.

Many of these bodies will respond to complaints from the community.

Investigating and preventing misconduct

Ombudsman Victoria investigates administrative actions or the conduct of staff in government departments, statutory authorities and local government. The service is free, and reviews lawfulness of agencies’ actions or decisions, as well as the reasonableness and fairness in the circumstances.

If you have a complaint about an administrative decision of state or local government, or the conduct of staff, contact the Ombudsman here.

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) educates the public sector and community about corruption and how to prevent it, and investigates and exposes serious corruption in the public sector. IBAC has the broadest jurisdiction of all integrity bodies, and is able to investigate police, judiciary, local councils, parliamentarians and contractors performing a public function.

If you have a complaint about corrupt conduct by public bodies or officers, contact IBAC here.

The Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate investigates alleged breaches of the Local Government Act 1989 by any Victorian local council.

If you have a complaint about a council not acting lawfully, contact the Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate here.

Holding government to account

Accountability ensures the government is responsible for its actions. The Parliament of Victoria has an extensive system of committees which investigate particular issues and generally take evidence in public.  A list of Parliamentary Committees, their functions and contact details can be found here.

Setting high standards of conduct

The Public Administration Act 2004 sets out the values and principles that guide how public employees perform their work and by which the Government is held accountable.  The Victorian Public Sector Commissioner promotes these high standards of integrity and conduct.

If you have a complaint about how public sector values, employment principles or standards have been applied in a public organisation, contact the Commissioner here.

More information

VAGO has worked with the IBAC and the Ombudsman, and produced a guide on Victoria’s integrity system: Safeguarding integrity – A guide to the integrity system in Victoria.



Last updated on 1/12/2014