Performance auditing

A performance audit is an audit which evaluates whether an organisation or government program is performing effectively, economically and efficiently, and in compliance with all relevant legislation.

Performance audits extend beyond the examination of the financial affairs and transactions of a government agency to encompass wider management issues of significance to the community.

Planning—Each performance audit begins with the planning phase, to identify the issues to be examined, timing, objectives, approach to be used and the resources required. A final specification must be provided to the agency before audit conduct starts.

Conduct—The audit team gathers, analyses and tests evidence, to begin formulating conclusions against the audit objectives and criteria. Performance audits are conducted using VAGO’s own performance audit methodology.

Reporting—The results of each audit are discussed with, and formally communicated to, senior management of audited organisations. A final report is tabled for each performance audit.


Last updated on 5/09/2016