VAGO products

Picture of three VAGO report coversThe work of VAGO results in a range of products.

Financial audit reports—One report on our audit of the state’s annual financial report, and seven reports on the results of audits by the following sectors:

Performance audit reports—one for each performance audit.

Audit opinions—an opinion on the financial statements and the performance statements—if prepared—of each entity and on the financial statements of the state’s Annual Financial Report.

Management letters—a letter for each entity on matters arising from the audit—for example, quality of internal controls, accounting issues and compliance with applicable laws.

Follow-up reports—following up on recommendations from previous performance audits.

A review opinion—on the state’s Estimated Financial Statements—part of the Budget.

Better practice guides

Key audit themes—analysis of recurring findings in our reports.

Information materials—including presentations and fact sheets about our practice.

Partner products—VAGO partners with other agencies to contribute to a range of products. Recent examples include: Safeguarding Integrity Guide (Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Committee), Conflict of Interest Guide (Victorian Public Sector Commission) and an Investigation into ICT-enabled projects (Ombudsman Victoria)



Last updated on 19/09/2016