Why do we audit?

The Victorian public sector is large and complex, and manages significant resources and risk.

It outlays tens of billions of dollars each year delivering an extensive range of services. There are over 260 000 staff across the departments, agencies, hospitals, catchment management authorities, TAFES, water authorities, cemeteries, universities and superannuation funds.

Given this size and complexity and the inherent risk, there needs to be effective review and examination of the public sector to ensure that all this investment and work is being done well and resulting in good outcomes for Victorians. VAGO’s audits seek to provide this assurance.

Our reports also provide valuable reflections, findings and recommendations on how to improve accountability and performance. They can be a catalyst for change and an impetus for decision-makers. Contemporary public sector auditors seeks to add value in this way.

The impact of our work is broad and varied. For example, VAGO audits and reports are used by:

  • MPs to support passage of new legislation
  • Parliamentary Committees as evidence for their own inquiries
  • agencies to inform changes to practices and processes
  • the media to highlight issues of public interest.

For more examples of the impact of audit, see our Annual Report.


Last updated on 16/02/2017