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To send remittances or for any finance related queries, please email finance@audit.vic.gov.au

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Collection notice – Personal information

Follow this link for information on how we collect personal information, including how you can access your personal information and our privacy policy on request

If you contact us through any of the above web links, we may collect personal information so that we can respond to you. Your personal information will not be disclosed without consent. In order for us to respond to you, you must provide your email address. However, you may contact us anonymously if you do not need to be notified of a response.


Telephone inquiries:

Phone: (03) 8601 7000
International: (+61 3) 8601 7000

Fax: (03) 8601 7010
International fax: (+61 3) 8601 7010


Street and postal address:

Level 31, 35 Collins Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000



Last updated on 30/05/2017