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Concerns and suggestions for audits

Concerns from the public about the activities of public sector agencies can help the Auditor-General decide on future audit topics and areas for investigation. Most often these concerns and suggestions do not result in a public report solely on that topic. Instead they help our audit teams choose which systems and organisations to focus on as part of their broader audit program.

We welcome any suggestions you have, however our ability to directly respond to community concerns is limited and it is important to note:

  • VAGO cannot investigate and resolve individual complaints or compel agencies to follow or recommendations.
  • While VAGO will treat all information we receive confidentially, we are not able to receive protected disclosures. These must be directed to other Victorian public bodies.
  • Your concerns and suggestions will be considered when planning our audits, but our legislation limits what and who we can audit so your topic may not be included in our program. If you would like someone to take further action about your concern, you may need to contact another bodyclick here for a list of who can help you with your concerns.

Please use the form below to share your concerns and suggestions with the Auditor‑General.

Collection notice – personal information

Follow this link for information on how we collect personal information including how you can access your personal information and our privacy policy on request.

We are collecting your personal information so that we can respond to your query made through the 'Concerns and suggestions for audits' web form below. Your personal information will not be disclosed without consent. In order for us to respond to you, you must provide your email address. However, you may contact us anonymously if you do not need to be notified of a response.


Last updated on 15/03/2016