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Providing assurance to Parliament.


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To be a catalyst
for continuous improvement in the accountability and performance of the public sector.

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Latest Reports

  • Regulating Gambling and Liquor (Published: Wed, Feb, 8 2017)
    In this audit, we assessed the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation’s licensing and compliance functions, its oversight of the Melbourne Casino, its performance measurement and reporting, and its collaboration with other agencies.
  • Managing Community Correction Orders (Published: Wed, Feb, 8 2017)
    We examined how effectively Corrections Victoria manages community correction orders (CCO). We also looked at the Department of Health and Human Services and Victoria Police to assess how they coordinated and exchanged information about offenders on CCOs.
  • Managing the Performance of Rail Franchisees (2016–17:14) (Published: Wed, Dec, 7 2016)
    We examined Public Transport Victoria's effectiveness in managing the performance of Melbourne’s metropolitan train and tram franchisees.
  • Access to Public Dental Services in Victoria (2016–17:13) (Published: Wed, Dec, 7 2016)
    This audit assessed the extent to which people eligible for public dental services have timely access to dental services, and whether the Department of Health & Human Services and Dental Health Services Victoria effectively facilitate timely access.
  • Public Hospitals: 2015–16 Audit Snapshot (2016-17:12) (Published: Thu, Nov, 24 2016)
    This report comments on the outcomes for 87 public hospitals and their 22 controlled entities for the year ending 30 June 2016.

Latest News

Link to the Annual Report pageAnnual Report 2015–16

This Annual Report describes the functions and operations of the Victorian Auditor-General's Office and presents the audited financial statements of the office for the year ended 30 June 2016.

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