Media release archive 2015–16

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Recent media releases

14 September 2016
Audit Report: Meeting Obligations to Protect Ramsar Wetlands  (2016–17:3)
31 August 2016
Audit Report: Audit Committee Governance
17 August 2016
Audit Report: Enhancing Food and Fibre Productivity
8 June 2016
Media Statement: Annual Plan
Audit Report: Three follow up audits
Audit Report: Managing and Reporting on the Performance and Cost of Capital Projects
26 May 2016
Media Statement: Statement by the Acting Auditor-General, Dr Peter Frost – Audit Act 1994
Audit Report: Universities: 2015 Audit Snapshot  
Audit Report: Technical and Further Education Institutes: 2015 Audit Snapshot
25 May 2016
Audit Report: Reducing the Burden of Red Tape
Audit Report: Monitoring Victoria’s Water Resources
23 March 2016
Audit Report: Local Government Service Delivery: Recreational Facilities
Audit Report: Bullying and Harassment in the Health Sector
Audit Report: Patient Safety in Victorian Public Hospitals
9 March 2016
Audit Report: Grants to Non-Government Schools
Audit Report: Digital Dashboard: Status Review of ICT Projects and Initiatives – Phase 2
24 February 2016
Audit Report: Victorian Electoral System
Audit Report: Public Safety on Victoria's Train System
10 February 2016
Audit Report: Hospital Performance: Length of Stay
Audit Report: Administration of Parole
10 December 2015
Audit Report: Access to Public Sector Information
Audit Report: Implementing the Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Framework
Audit Report: Water Entities: 2014–15 Audit Snapshot
9 December 2015
Audit Report: East West Link Project
Audit Report: Portfolio Departments and Associated Entities: 2014–15 Audit Snapshot
25 November 2015
Audit Report: Local Government: 2014–15 Audit Snapshot
24 November 2015
Audit Report: Auditor-General’s Report on the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria, 2014–15
12 November 2015
Audit Report: Public Hospitals: 2014–15 Audit Snapshot
10 November 2015
Media Statement: Report into the former Auditor-General
21 October 2015
Department of Education & Training: Strategic Planning
7 October 2015 
Annual Report 2014–15
Audit Report: Financial Systems Controls Report: Information Technology 2014–15
Audit Report: Delivering Services to Citizens and Consumers via Devices of Personal Choice: Phase 2
16 September 2015
Audit Report: Realising the Benefits of Smart Meters
Audit Report: Regional Growth Fund: Outcomes and Learnings
19 August 2015
Audit Report: Unconventional Gas: Managing Risks and Impacts
Audit Report: Applying the High Value High Risk Process to Unsolicited Proposals
Audit Report: Biosecurity: Livestock
5 August 2015
Audit Reports: Follow up audits of Collections Management in Cultural Agencies, Managing Major Projects and Management of Staff Occupational Health and Safety in Schools