Reports published in 2005

The following reports were tabled in the Victorian State Parliament by the Auditor-General. They contain the findings of performance audits and audits of financial statements, as well as reports on the finances of the state. All reports were prepared under the authority of the Audit Act 1994.

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December 2005

Auditor-General's Report: Results of 30 June 2005 Financial Statement and Other audits (2005:17)    
November 2005    
Auditor-General's Report on the Finances of the State of Victoria, 2004–05 (2005:16)    
October 2005    
Follow up of Selected Performance Audits Tabled in 2002 and 2003 (2005:15)
Community Planning Services in Glenelg Shire Council: 1998–2005 (2005:14)

Health Procurement in Victoria (2005:13)

Auditor-General’s Report – Results of Special Reviews and Other Investigations (2005:12)    

September 2005

Franchising Melbourne's Train and Tram System (2005:11) 

July 2005    

East Gippsland Shire Council: Proposed Sale of Lakes Entrance Property (2005:10) 

Managing Intellectual Property in Government Agencies (2005:9) 

Managing Stormwater Flooding Risks in Melbourne (2005:8) 

June 2005    

Internal Financial Reporting in Local Government Checklist

In Goods Hands: Smart Recruiting for a Capable Public Sector (2005:7) 

Our Children are Our Future: Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People in Out of Home Care (2005:6) 

May 2005    

Auditor-General’s Report – Results of Financial Statement Audits for Agencies with other than 30 June 2004 balance dates, and other audits (2005:5) 

Auditor-General’s Report – Results of Special Reviews and Other Investigations (2005:4)    

April 2005

Management of Occupational Health and Safety in Local Government (2005:3) 

March 2005    
Managing Patient Safety in Public Hospitals (2005:2)    

February 2005

Regulating Operational Rail Safety (2005:1) 

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