Reports published in 2008–09

The following reports were tabled in the Victorian State Parliament by the Auditor-General. They contain the findings of performance audits and audits of financial statements, as well as reports on the finances of the state. All reports are prepared under the authority of the Audit Act 1994.

These reports are provided in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat reader is required to read these files. The reader is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe site. 


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June 2009
Funding of the Home and Community Care Program (2008–09:32)
International Students: risks and responsibilities of universities (2008–09:31)
Melbourne's New Bus Contracts (2008–09:30)
Buy-back of the Regional Intrastate Rail Network (2008–09:29)
Effectiveness of Drought Assistance Measures (2008–09:28)
Implementing Victoria Police's Code of Practice for the Investigation of Family Violence (2008–09:27)
Connecting Courts - the Integrated Courts Management System (2008–09:26)
Claims Management by the Victorian WorkCover Authority (2008–09:25)
Withdrawal of Infringement Notices (2008–09:24)
Governance and Fraud Control within Selected Adult Education Agencies (2008–09:23)
May 2009
Results of Audits for Entitities with other than 30 June 2008 Balance Dates (2008–09:22)
The Channel Deepening Project (2008-09:21)
The New Royal Children's Hospital – a public private partnership (2008–09:20)
Management of School Funds (2008–09:19)
April 2009
Access to Public Hospitals: Measuring Performance (2008–09:18)
Administration of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (2008–09:17)
February 2009
Literacy and Numeracy Achievement (2008–09:16)
January 2009
Preparedness to Respond to Terrorism Incidents: Essential Services and Critical Infrastructure
December 2008
Results of Audits for Entities with 30 June 2008 Balance Dates (2008–09:14)
Management of the Multi-Purpose Taxi Program (2008-09:13)
November 2008
Local Government: Results of the 2007–08 audits (2008–09:12)
Auditor-General’s Report on the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria, 2007–08 (2008–09:11)
Enforcement of Planning Permits (2008–09:10)
Biosecurity Incidents: Planning and Risk Management for Livestock Diseases (2008–09:9)
Managing Acute Patient Flows (2008–09:8)
School Buildings: Planning, Maintenance and Renewal (2008–09:7)
October 2008
CASES21 (2008–09:6)
Working with Children Check (2008–09:5)
Private Practice Arrangements in Health Services (2008–09:4)
July 2008
Investing Smarter in Public Sector ICT: Turning principles into practice (2008–09:3)
Records Management Checklist: A tool to improve records management (2008–09:2)
Managing Complaints against Ticket Inspectors (2008–09:1)


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