Reports published in 2009–10

The following reports were tabled in the Victorian State Parliament by the Auditor-General. They contain the findings of performance audits and audits of financial statements, as well as reports on the finances of the state. All reports were prepared under the authority of the Audit Act 1994.

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June 2010
Managing the Requirements for Disclosing Private Sector Contracts (2009–10:32)
Management of Major Rail Projects (2009–10:31)
Access to Social Housing (2009–10:30)
Irrigation Efficiency Programs (2009–10:29)
Personal Safety and Security on the Metropolitan Train System (2009–10:28)
Hazardous Waste Management (2009–10:27)
Administration of the Victorian Certificate of Education (2009–10:26)
May 2010
The Community Building Initiative (2009–10:25)
Partnering with the Community Sector in Human Services and Health (2009–10:24)
Control of Invasive Plants and Animals in Victoria's Parks (2009–10:23)
Managing Teacher Performance in Government Schools (2009–10:22)
Tertiary Education and Other Entities: Results of the 2009 Audits (2009–10:21)
Performance Reporting by Departments (2009–10:20)
April 2010
Fees and Charges—cost recovery by local government (2009–10:19)
March 2010
Management of Safety Risks at Level Crossings (2009–10:18)
Irrigation Water Stores: Lake Mokoan and Tarago Reservoir (2009–10:17)
February 2010
Management of Concessions by the Department of Human Services (2009–10:16)
Tendering and Contracting in Local Government (2009–10:15)
The Effectiveness of Student Wellbeing Programs and Services (2009–10:14)
December 2009
Use of Development Contributions by Local Government (2009–10:13)
Making Public Transport More Accessible for People Who Face Mobility Challenges (2009–10:12)
Portfolio Departments and Associated Entities: Results of the 2008–09 Audits (2009–10:11)
November 2009
Managing Offenders on Community Corrections Orders (2009–10:10)
Vehicle Fleet Management (2009–10:9)
Maintaining the Integrity and Confidentiality of Personal Information (2009–10:8)
Water Entities: Results of the 2008–09 Audits (2009–10:7)
Auditor-General's Report on the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria, 2008–09 (2009–10:6)
Management of the Community Support Fund (2009–10:5)
Responding To Mental Health Crises in the Community (2009–10:4)
Towards a 'smart grid’ — The Roll-Out of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (2009–10:3)
Public Hospitals: Results of the 2008–09 Financial Audits (2009–10:2)

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