Annual Report 2014–15

Tabled 7 October 2015

The Annual Report 2014–15 provides a summary of the performance of VAGO in 2014–15 in fulfilling our purpose to provide assurance to Parliament on the accountability and performance of Victoria’s public sector. It is prepared in accordance with the Audit Act 1994, the Financial Management Act 1994, and the Financial Reporting Directions and Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance.

This year, our annual report is divided into two volumes. Volume 1 contains our report on operations and financial statements (including the opinion of the independent external auditor appointed by the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee). It also:

  • reports on our output performance measures as set in State Budget Papers
  • reports on the implementation of our Annual Plan 2014–15
  • reports on our increasing impact
  • reports on our organisation and people

Volume 2 contains a summary of common findings from the 34 reports on our audits tabled in Parliament in 2014–15.

VAGO encourages public sector agencies to self-assess their performance, governance, systems and operations against the common challenges identified in Volume 2: Key audit Themes.

HTML of full report
PDF of full report Adobe PDF 4.9 MB or use the following links to download individual sections of the report.


A snapshot of highlights from 2014–15 and some background information about VAGO.


John Doyle's review of  2014–15.



Dr Peter Frost reviews VAGO's achievements for 2014–15.


We look at the value of our work to Parliament, public sector agencies and the public.

  This section reports on our financial audit program, which contributes to both Output Group 1: Parliamentary reports and services and Output Group 2, Audit reports on financial statements.  Read more...   This section reports on our performance audit program, which forms part of Output Group 1:  Parliamentary reports and services. Performance audits may examine all or part of an agency’s activities.
We look at our governance arrangements in relation to executive management, risk and audit, legislation and policy, environmental management and contribution to capacity building.  Read more...   We discuss our people, including workforce capacity and employment and conduct.
  We look at the management of our budget, financial performance, financial position and our audited financial statements.

This section contains all appendices of the report:

Appendix one: Audit reports to Parliament
Appendix two: External engagements
Appendix three: Status of findings from the independent performance audit
Appendix four: Employee profile
Appendix five: Disclosure index
Appendix six: Extract of whole-of-government financial statements—non-audited
Appendix seven: Additional information available on request
Appendix eight: Five year statistics



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