Better practice guides

Records management checklistRecords Management Checklist

VAGO's first Records Management Checklist was published in 2008. This update will help government agencies assess the administrative frameworks they use to manage their records. It will help agencies comply with the records management standards the Public Record Office Victoria issues and to identify areas for improvement.
The checklist is not a substitute for the records management standards but is designed to complement and support them.

The guide is available as an interactive PDF and as HTML.



Information and Communications Technology Controls Guide

This guide has been developed to assist organisations with identifying areas for improvement regarding their information and communications technology (ICT) controls. It does not replace the standards and guidelines which Victorian public sector organisations must comply with, but rather it complements them. 

Public sector organisations are encouraged to assess their ICT control environments against this better practice guide, and use the results to improve their practices.

The guide is available as a PDF form and in HTML format.

Previously published better practice guides

VAGO has also produced some better practice guides that no longer current. These are still available to the public in this archive, but they should be considered as historical information only, not representative of current better practice.


Last updated on 19/09/2016