Records Management Checklist: A tool to improve records management


An updated version of this guide was published in March 2016. The documents on this page are historical only and do not represent current better practice.

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Tabled: 30 July 2008

The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) has legislative responsibility to ensure the effective and efficient management and preservation and use of the state’s public records. It does this by establishing records management standards and assisting agencies via the provision of training, consultancy services and general advice and guidance.

This checklist has been designed to assist government agencies to fulfil their obligations under the Public Records Act 1973 and to improve the management of their records. It was developed with advice from records managers and in consultation with PROV, selected government agencies and consultants. The checklist formed the basis for undertaking the performance audit titled Records Management in the Victorian Public Sector which was tabled in Parliament in March 2008.

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