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Auditing in the Public Interest is the regular newsletter of the Victorian Auditor-General's Office.

Auditing in the public interest - special edition:
Reflections on audits 2006–2012

Summer 2012

Auditing in the public interest

Summer 2011

Auditing in the public interest

 Spring 2010
The next five years Summer 2010
2008–09 the year in review Winter 2009
VAGO in the community Spring 2008
A positive 'report card' Winter 2008
Significant events... significant achievements Winter 2007
Changes, improvements and new directions Autumn 2007
New Auditor-General, Des Pearson, appointed Spring 2006
Seven years on... time to reflect Winter 2006
Timely reporting and successful outcomes Autumn 2006
Remembering 2005... looking forward to 2006 Summer 2005
Are your internal controls operating effectively? Spring 2005
Challenges ahead Winter 2005
Preparing for change Summer 2004
Good governance, sustainability and accountability Winter 2004
Winds of change Autumn 2004
Adding value and enhancing accountability Summer 2003
New focus for our newsletter

Winter 2003

A flurry of activity

Autumn 2003



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