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Financial Audit Services Panel

Financial Audit Services Panel

In 2014, VAGO established a panel of pre-approved financial audit service providers. 

The objectives for establishing the panel were to:

Firms can be appointed to the panel at any time, provided they are assessed as meeting the same qualifying standard as existing panel members.

The contract term of the panel is open and will be reviewed every 12 months.

For any questions about the Financial Audit Services Panel please contact:

Susan Fraser (Financial Audit Service Panel Manager)
Assistant Auditor-General, Technical Audit Services
Phone: (03) 8601 1620
Email: susan.fraser@audit.vic.gov.au


David Craig (Financial Audit Service Panel Administrator)
Contracts & Procurement Officer, Finance
Phone (03) 8601 7066
Email: david.craig@audit.vic.gov.au

Forms to apply for membership

Part A Introduction and conditions of tender 
Part B Specification 
Part C Draft Proposed Head Agreement 
Part D Tenderer's response




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