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Annual Plan 2016–17 

Section 7A of the Audit Act 1994 (the Act) requires the Auditor-General to develop an annual plan and present it to Parliament, following consultation with Parliament's Public Accounts and Estimates Committee.

The annual plan is a key accountability mechanism for the office of the Auditor-General. It gives Parliament, the public sector and the community an opportunity to assess our goals, understand our audit priorities and scrutinise our program. It sets out, for the coming financial year, our work program and the resources required to implement the program.

The program is designed to be flexible and responsive, and has been developed to direct our efforts towards doing the right audits at the right time, and using our resources to make a difference in the community. Throughout the process of developing this plan, extensive consultation was undertaken with a broad range of stakeholders, and all feedback received was thoroughly considered as part of the finalisation of our audit program.

The Integrity and Accountability Legislation Amendment (A Stronger System) Act 2016 has been passed by Parliament. It goes a long way towards delivering on the Victorian Government's commitment to provide VAGO with robust and unfettered follow-the-dollar powers, by providing the Auditor-General with the capacity to consider and report on the performance of contractors delivering government services under contract. The audit program identified five audits in 2017–18 that may utilise the new follow-the-dollar powers. Further reforms are needed to bring the Act up to date with the contemporary public sector, preserve the independence of Parliament's auditor and improve transparency and accountability to the Victorian community.

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